Shine On You Crazy Diamond

'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' is a play by Matthew St. Amand, filmed live at the Kordazone Theatre in Windsor Ontario.   Play is directed by and stars Rob Tymec. Filmed over 2 nights, it has been edited like a genuine Hal Dagon film - complete with continuity errors, poor audio and really bad editing!

The Rise and Fall of Hal Dagon,80's Cult Horror Film Star.

Hal Dagon, star of the classic cult horror films Kult Kill and Kampus Kill isn't doing so well now that the 80's are long over. What his agent didn't steal from him, his ex-wife got in the divorce. He's eeking out the rest of his existence in a beat-up old apartment.

But there's hope for Hal. Vinnie, the landlord's nephew has recognized him and is selling various bits of Hal 'memorabilia'. Vinnie is trying to arrange the comeback of the century by setting up interviews and charging horror fans to spend time with
him. There's just one problem: celebrity partying has taken its toll on Hal. Not only has his health gone down the drain but his sanity too.

Will Hal Dagon regain his fame and fortune? Will he re-unite with his estranged daughter? And, most importantly, will he finally get his limousine full of goldfish?


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