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Jar Jar Binks or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Politician

The prequels are about many things, the most important of which is politics.It is a study on how governments become corrupt and how freedoms are quickly and easily stripped away in the name of ‘security’. It is easy to ignore that there are actual points deliberately written into these movies amongst all the Lucas-haters and prequel-bashing that goes on.Lucas works in a symbolic world.Consider the amount of duality in the prequels – Anakin to Vader, Obi-Wan taking on his dead master’s roll (who up until his death he disagreed with) and he does so by picking up Qui Gon’s lightsaber and cutting down Darth Maul; Padme the handmaiden to Amadala the Queen, Chancellor Palpatine to Sidious, and so on).Admittedly it is a hard world to navigate through.This brings me to Jar Jar Binks.Personally I prefer him over Ewoks, but I am of the minority in this.Jar Jar – the bumbling, careless, brainless (“I spake!”), clumsy, and clearly full of tremendous luck (God loves the stupid).He constantly need…