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Telemarketers. I love them. But then again who doesn’t? I especially love when their computer auto-dialer switch to the next available telemarketer (read: soulless bastard) - and there is that indistinguishable delayed response. The tell-tale sign of a busy telemarketer (read: soulless bastard). I love it when I have to say “hello” twice before they say “hello?”, and then of course I have to say “hello” a third time.

I gotta tell you, I just find that so effective on their part. I am certain most people on this planet (read: soulless bastards) are very patient with this and NEVER hang up.

And the use of this predictive dialing absolutely compels me to purchase whatever it is they are peddling on this day. And I trust these companies have done all of their market research and that one day I will use that carpet steamer I bought. Just because I have hardwood floors throughout my entire loft doesn’t mean I’ll never need it!

Consider how perfect their logic is, how completely unflawe…