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Dewback Shakur


Wheat Chaff (a short story)

Mankind is dying. Unless an answer can be found for this bipedal species, extinction is certain.Some would say (the Earth included) good riddance.But only some.The rest probably wouldn’t notice, or even have an opinion on the matter.
Be that as it may, mankind is unwilling to relinquish their dictatorship on the world and because of this have found themselves on the brink, working feverishly at coming up with The Answer.For you see, extinction was not looming due to pollution (although there was plenty of harmful stuff laying about); not because of a meteor of mass-extinction proportions was barreling down on us (we should be so lucky) and certainly not because of alien overlords (because really if that were to actually happen we would end up like those ant farms you see.Every kid wants one, and when they get it they simply forget about it after a week and half.Some would argue we have already been taken over and forgotten by alien overlords.But only some would say that).No.M…